FrogFoot PrePaid Fibre (Rise)

Fibre internet is the preferred connection method because of its fast, low latency internet connectivity. FrogFoot are one of the Major fibre networks in South Africa with Prepaid fibre Coverage in select areas of Cape Town

FrogFoot PrePaid Fibre Packages

Get uncapped Wi-Fi internet for your home with the affordable FrogFoot Rise PrePaid Fibre packages. If you already have the Rise Pre-Paid router installed at your house, Recharges can be ordered on the FrogFoot Rise Portal by Selecting Web Telecom Services as your ISP, or by sending a Whatsapp to our Frogfoot Rise Team on 0718268019.

FrogFoot Rise PrePaid Fibre is only available in Capricorn and Philippi in Cape Town currently, and coming to more areas later this year. Its available in the following line speeds:

Why Choose Webtel Connect for FrogFoot PrePaid Fibre?

No Contracts

With the FrogFoot Pre-Paid packages you know exactly how long you will have fibre for, with no surprise bills when you don't use it.

Great Support

We go the extra mile to support you in your online venture, whether you are new or a professional we are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, The FrogFoot Network has been build to withstand up to stage 8 load shedding in most areas, but you still need to power the Wifi ONT at your house with an inverter or mini UPS for your connection to work. An 8800mah Mini Router UPS can usually power the equipment for up to 4 hours depending on to power consumption of your router.  If you don’t have one, you can order a mini UPS from our client portal.

If the FrogFoot Rise equipment is already on site, activation can take only a few minutes. If there is no equipment on site you will need to allow up to 1 Month for installation, if you are in an active FrogFoot Rise Coverage Area.

While you may move to a new house, the router and fibre line is linked to the address and can not be moved. A new installation would need to be ordered for the new house and any active service on the old line will be forfeit.

If you have moved into a new house with an existing router, or want to have FrogFoot PrePaid fibre installed, you will need to register on the rise website and an agent will be in contact to arrange installation / activation.